Fair Trials: Uncovering Anti-Roma Discrimination


A series of short animations that come together to create a full film exploring the prejudice and racism faced by Roma people in society and the criminal justice system.

This film was created for the charity Fair Trials to portray some of the real life experiences of discrimination that was uncovered in their research.

CW: Contains Portrayals of Racism

Producers: Pam Cowburn and Selin Yasar

Director: Dann Parry

Production Assistant: Laura N-Tamara

Researcher: Bruno Min

With thanks to Andrzej Stuart-Thompson and Gracie Joy

© Dann Parry. MMXX

Lock Horns


Two wrestlers approach each other to battle for male dominance, but soon the fight descends into something even more animalistic as hypermasculinity clashes with desire.

New animation from Dann Parry, Lock Horns is an animated commentary on hyper-masculinity and aggression shows how what can begin as a display of strength, ‘manliness’ and heterosexuality can quickly blur into sexualisation and homo-erotism – sometimes the very thing it is trying not to be.

Contains Mature Content

Little Dot Studios presents a film by Dann Parry for Channel 4’s Random Acts, 2019.

Music: Tom Walters of Kitsch Kub

Animation Assistants: Simji Park and Laura N-Tamara

Commissioning Editor: Catherine Bray

Commissioning Assistant: Jake Cunningham

Sex Consultant: Gracie Joy

With thanks to Orlando Da Silva Jr.

© Dann Parry. MMXIX

Apple Tree


A stop motion animation music video for Another Sky’s single, ‘Apple Tree’.

A feminine young man spends his days sketching and talking to the flowers, much to the misunderstanding of his masculine peers.

Directors Statement

I found myself really resonating with the song and so the film was inspired by my own past growing up and how it could be seen to be reflected in the lyrics.

As a young teenager, I would often climb trees and go for walks by myself in the woods where I grew up rather than hanging out with the other kids who would play sports and so I tried to show this contrast between the two worlds in the animation.

I felt it important to show the character’s femininity as strength, rather than something to be pitied or mocked; when he is threatened and misunderstood his gentle personality and love for flowers rises up and protects him, while also breaking down the barriers between them in the process.

All of the characters, sets, and backgrounds were hand painted in black and white where the only real colour came from the flowers to really enhance the beauty and uniqueness of both them and the lead character in an otherwise sharp and aggressive world. And it’s when the softer natural side collides and grow with the masculine one that they become even more visually interesting.

Directed and Animated by Dann Parry

Produced by Roger Walker and Theo Broughton

Music by Another Sky

Background Artwork and Illustrations by Laura N-Tamara

Costumes by Andrew Dhesi

Production Assistants Hakim Ismail and Vincent Vaughan

© Universal Music, Dann Parry. MMXIX

Birds of a Feather


“An emotionally wresting animation that packs as much punch into its four and a half minutes as most features do in two hours” Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest.

Birds of a Feather is an animated short film that follows a man and his struggle with his identity, projected anxieties and relationships over the course of an evening. He has to contend with his insecurities with being seen with another man and his fear as feathers start to grow from his body.

The film explores the worries and upset a person can face from both internalised and externalised homophobia. Ultimately, it draws on current events, such as the horrific attack in the Pulse bar in Orlando, and explore how even now the LGBT community can still find itself under attack and where that fear and hatred can come from.

Contains Mature Content

Directed and Written by Dann Parry

Soundtrack Composed by Mau Loseto

with Maria Gîlicel on Violin; Nazil Erdogan on Viola; Carolina Bartumeu on Cello; and Lucia Polo Moreno on D.Bass

Costumes by Kate Peachman 

Production Assistants Jack Brown and India Stewart

© Royal College of Art, Dann Parry. MMXVII



WINNER: Best Editing. CINEVERSATIL, International Short Film Festival LGBTIQ+ , Buenos Aires, Argentina. June

WINNER: Best Music. CINEVERSATIL, International Short Film Festival LGBTIQ+ , Buenos Aires, Argentina. June

WINNER: Best UK Film. Camberley International Festival, UK. June

NOMINATED: Best Student Short Film. Taichung International Animation Festival, Taiwan. October



Giornate di Cinema Queer, Italy. 15th May


The Lift-Off Sessions, Online. 17th February.

KingstOOn Animation Festival, Kingston, UK. 5th April

LGBTQ Shorts Film Festival, Missoula, USA. 11th June


BFI Flare: Revelate, London, 29th – 30th March

Out & Loud – Pune International Queer Film Festival, India. 6th April

33 Lovers Film Festival – Torino LGBTQI Visions:International Iconoclastic Competition, Italy. 20th – 24th April

Cefalù Film Festival, Italy. 1st May

CINEVERSATIL, International Short Film Festival LGBTIQ+ , Buenos Aires, Argentina. June

Guanajuato International Film Festival, Mexico. July

Rio Festival de Gênero & Sexualidade no Cinema, Brazil. July

Camberley International Festival, UK. June

B-Movie, Underground and Trash Film Festival, Netherlands. August

Taichung International Animation Festival, Taiwan. October


Pride Friday Film Festival, Leeds Queer Film Festival, Leeds, UK. 4th August

ARS Independent Festival, Katowice, Poland. 28th September

Flux Screening Series, Hammer Museum, California, USA. 8th October

Sunday Shorts Halloween Special, London, UK. 29th October

Palm Springs International Animation Festival, California, USA. 9th – 11th November

FliQs Queer Film Night, Montreal, Canada. 13th November

Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest, London, UK. 14th November



Interview with The New Current

Without Fair Trials


An animation for a charity campaign that explores what would happen in a world without the right to a fair trial; created with my collective, Tripstitch.

Fair Trials is a human rights organisation that works to uphold fair trial rights around the world. Their vision is a world where every person’s right to a fair trial is respected. 

Visit for more information.

Directed By: Rachael Olga Lloyd, Patrick O’Mahony, Dann Parry

Lead Model Maker: Rachael Olga Lloyd

Animator: Patrick O’Mahony

Lighting Designer: Dann Parry

Sound Designer and Foley Artist: Morgan Muse

Composer: Segun Akinola

Co-Composer and Guitarist: Ben Quinn

Special Thanks: Jago Russell, Alex Mik, Johnny Lillis, Georgia Greenfield, Evangelos Papadakis, Birgitta Hosea, Joe King, Mike Wyeld, Guy Nesfield & David Dixon

Bound (Together)


Struggling to escape a desolate forest of his own making, a man is being followed by the creature he is bound to.

Subject 16 | Matija Cop


Directed fashion film of Matija Cop’s garment. Shown on loop beside the garments on display.

Contains Mature Content

Designer: Matija Cop

Director: Dann Parry

Assistant Director: Patrick O’Mahony

Model: Felicity Taylor

Love and Papercuts


A lonely man, struggling to find romance, finds love in origami.

The Boy and His Monster


A boy finds himself awoken late at night to the invitation of tea but a figure is watching over him and he’s not all that he seems.